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J Street Condemns Netanyahu After Tel Aviv Stabbing Attack

Quickly responding to the horrific stabbing of passengers on a public bus in Tel Aviv earlier this week, J Street issued a press release condemning the attack. But as with virtually all such… Continue reading

Guest Post: The Ultimate in Courage.

THE ULTIMATE IN COURAGE  By Dr. Elie Levy A visitor from Seattle hopes to provide comfort to wounded Israeli soldiers, in so doing he finds the ultimate in courage. This past July, during… Continue reading

Dozens of Organizations Sponsor Pro-Israel Rally at Seattle Center. Video & Photos.

A broad representation of Seattle’s diverse Jewish community joined together in solidarity with the Jewish state at the mural amphitheatre at Seattle Center today.  “Our Solidarity with Israel and the people of Israel… Continue reading

Israel on the Sound: Perspectives of a homesick Israeli

How does a college student in New York concentrate on her studies while her family and country are under attack? Former Seattleite Carol Jacobson shares her very personal perspective. It has become a… Continue reading

Hen Mazzig; I hope I made a difference

November 21st of 2012, Hen Mazzig was walking down Shaul HaMelech street in the heart of Tel Aviv when an ear splitting explosion ripped through the air. The gut wrenching sound echoed across… Continue reading

J Street bans Jewish critic, welcomes Fatah member to National Conference

Like many of his fellow students at Brandeis University, Daniel Mael is an idealistic young man, eager to advocate and work for a better world. On a campus that has expressed hostility to… Continue reading

Breaking News: Special report from Haaretz

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How far will Bibi go?

The Mike Report Opinion: It all comes down to the Temple Mount.  Arafat knew this, which is why in the  Camp David talks of 2000 he admonished his negotiators  to “not budge on this… Continue reading

Jerusalem is our Cartoon of the Day

The Washington Free Beacon reports that President Obama’s  itinerary on the White House website  implies that Jerusalem is neither Israel’s capital nor even part of Israel. The president’s schedule lists two stops in “Tel… Continue reading


It is  a rare thing when a running contest serves to illustrate the stark contrast between two diametric civilizations. In the space of two short weeks the Gaza and Tel Aviv Marathons were… Continue reading


The US Embassy website in Tel Aviv readily acknowledges its geographic location in Israel.  On the other hand, a visitor to the website of the US Consular office in Jerusalem would be hard… Continue reading


NEW ISRAEL POLL: PROUD TO BE ISRAELI, LOVE EACH OTHER, LOVE THE LAND. JERUSALEMITES AND RELIGIOUS MOST HAPPY While it may seem to fly in the face of conventional wisdom, a new Israel… Continue reading


Every presidential election cycle in memory has featured a candidate from one of the major parties promising to thunderous applause that their first act will be to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. And… Continue reading