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While alienating herself from some for her anti-Israel polemic, Professor Halperin’s actions have garnered her support from an entirely different quarter. SUPER UW, an affiliate of Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP), issued a statement in support of Halperin today.

Oregon Synagogue Defaced with Anti-Semitic Graffiti

The jarring ring of an early morning phone call is an expected hazard of the job if one is a congregational Rabbi. But the call received this morning by Rabbi Michael Kaplan of… Continue reading

AKIM: Providing Pride & Dignity for Israelis with Special Needs.

Barri Rind is used to fighting for a cause when the cause is right. Born in Jerusalem, she has resided in the Seattle area for the past 36 years. A mother of three… Continue reading

Seward Park Neighbors Join Forces to Fight Crime

 By TMR Correspondent: Jessica Hoffman Participation, not isolation! This is the lesson we have learned from the recent spate of home invasions and car burglaries in the Seward Park neighborhood. When our window… Continue reading


The Owen family, Ruben, his two sons Jacob and Rabbi Benjy and grandson Jeffrey pondered the sacred ground where they stood. On Thursday, March 25th, 1965, some fifty years earlier on that same… Continue reading

Hillel UW Director Announces Resignation

In a surprise announcement, Mikael Kvart, Board President of Hillel UW informed community partners late last week that Hillel UW Director Rabbi Oren Hayon has tendered his resignation.  Rabbi Hayon assumed the position of… Continue reading

Three Generations Search for their Sephardic Roots in the Deep South

It is December 24th, one of the busiest travel days of the year. In the snaking line at SeaTac airport, the ticket counter barely visible in the distance, stands three generations of the… Continue reading

The Mike Report Year in Review

As we look back upon 2014  I can say that I am proud of the role The Mike Report has played this past year in educating the Puget Sound pro-Israel community of the growing influence of Israel’s… Continue reading

PSU President slaps down Israel boycott

  In unusually sharp language, Portland State University (PSU) President Wim Wiewel issued a firm rejection of the American Studies Association’s proposed academic boycott of Israel. With what could only be described as a slap-down,… Continue reading

She hates to ask but maybe you can help (or know someone who can)

Rachel Vaillancourt sits in the cozy family room of  her dearest friend Beloria Levy. After four decades, the two are as much sisters as they are friends. As Rachel reflects on the life… Continue reading

JTNews takes cheap shot at Seattle Orthodox Community

The JTNews’ bills itself as the “Voice of Jewish Washington”.  The paper takes pride in their “big tent” definition of community and the wide array of perspectives offered in their pages.  Back in… Continue reading

Red Lion is our Cartoon of the Day

With every passing day the Obama administration manages to take the Syrian diplomatic and foreign policy debacle to new levels of bunglehood. Multiple news organizations are reporting that the Syrian regime has seized on an… Continue reading

Syrian Codfish is our Cartoon of the Day

John Kerry has been on the receiving end of much ridicule after he declared at a press conference today that any attack on Syria would be “unbelievably small”. As a fellow member of… Continue reading

Kerry’s warning is our Cartoon of the Day

At a press conference today Secretary of State John Kerry  demanded dictator Bashar Al Assad give up his chemical weapons stockpiles and then issued the following powerful warning to the Syrian regime (see below).… Continue reading

Egyptian Jewish minority overlooked while churches burn

The TImes of Israel speaks to one of the last remaining Jews in Cairo. “Magda Haroun, the president of the Egyptian Jewish community, doesn’t enjoy hearing anti-Semitic slurs on the street. She gets… Continue reading

First F-14 dogfight lasted 45 seconds

From The Washington Beacon via Aviationist Magazine: U.S. Navy F-14s were employed for the first time in air-to-air combat on this day in 1981, according to the Aviationist. The story of the F-14s… Continue reading

Star Wars fan finds Tatooine set in Tunisian desert

From This is cool.  Ra di Martino used Google Earth to locate the old set of Luke Skywalker’s old home, the planet of Tatooine. 35 years ago this set in Tunisia was… Continue reading

Cartoon of the day

The Times of Israel and other news outlets are reporting that in addition to conservative non profit organizations, the IRS has also been targeting pro-Israel Jewish groups for special attention. Which is the… Continue reading


In the wake of  IRS admissions of targeting political opponents for extra scrutiny comes disturbing new reports  that Jewish and pro-Israel groups  have also been receiving special attention. From National Review & The Jewish Press: The passionately pro-Israel organization Z STREET filed… Continue reading

White House Rejects Death Star Petition Proposal

Proponents of a US built Death Star gathered enough signatures to earn an official White House response to their proposal. The White House identified three primary reasons why the Defense Department would not… Continue reading