Monthly Archive: February, 2014

Seattle Democratic Club Hosts Alleged Racist, Richard Silverstein

“Today’s Democratic Party knows we must renew our efforts to stamp out discrimination and hatred of every kind, wherever and whenever we see it.”  So says the platform of the Democratic Party.  Seattle… Continue reading

Scratch the surface and find the Jew hater

I am relatively new to the whole Twitter thing.  True I have had an account for some time, but frankly I just didn’t get the appeal. The BDS fail at UCLA prompted me… Continue reading

Verbal Pogrom at UCLA Divestment Hearing

AFTER EIGHT HOUR HATEFEST STUDENT SENATE VOTES DOWN DIVESTMENT RESOLUTION SEATTLE TALK SHOW HOST RUSHES TO HEARING – CALLS OUT ANTI-SEMITES The UCLA Student Senate hosted an open hearing yesterday, offering students and alumni the opportunity… Continue reading

There is no “J” in Pro-Israel

DOCUMENTARY CHALLENGES J-STREET’S “PRO-ISRAEL” LABEL A new documentary film “The J Street Challenge” has sent shock-waves across the pro and anti-Israel community. The movie was released by  Americans for Peace and Tolerance, a… Continue reading

More on Silverstein’s racist rant

When one has dug oneself into a hole, rule number one is to stop digging. Richard Silverstein has never learned this lesson. Yesterday Silverstein was called out for targeting a young African-American woman… Continue reading

Israel hater Silverstein goes on racist rant

H/T Isreallycool:  There is a certain sad corner of the universe where one can hold any bigoted view and say any reprehensible thing without censure as long as that same person openly despises… Continue reading

How to fight BDS… and win

BLOGGER AT ISRAELLYCOOL (AND FRIENDS) TAKE ON BDS SUPPORTERS AND WIN Earlier this week a Times of Israel Blogger shared that when Israeli Rabbi and student Yosele Ote asked for the academic  discount when purchasing… Continue reading

The dangerous denial of the Jewish establishment

It has become increasingly apparent that whatever physical danger faces the Jewish people, it comes not from the marginalized and marginal right but from an alliance of progressives, the religious left and radical… Continue reading

BDS: No dissent allowed

BDS EVENT AT UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON EXPOSES ANTI-FREE SPEECH VALUES  The anti-Israel BDS movement has established a significant presence on many United States college campuses. As the true goal of the movement (the… Continue reading

Stupidest Tweet ever?

Anti-Israel blogger Richard Silverstein came across a news story recently broadcast on Israel’s Channel 10 that claimed the NSA had established an Israeli operated listening post in Jerusalem. Despite the ho-hum nature of this “revelation” (Israel cooperating with the… Continue reading

When our leadership fails

As the Puget Sound Region becomes the nation’s center of political and religious anti-Zionism (and often anti-Semitism), many in the Jewish community presume that the Jewish Federation and  our other alphabet soup  communal advocacy… Continue reading


Wael Elasady, a fixture on the extremist anti-Israel circuit visited the University of Washington on January 30th to promote his vision for a Middle East free of the Jewish state. Not bound by… Continue reading

Richard Silverstein meet Joseph McCarthy

RICHARD SILVERSTEIN GOES AFTER INNOCENT RECEPTIONIST Seattle blogger Richard Silverstein is well known for his hatred of Israel and for flying loose and light with the facts. With the obsessive drive of a Captain… Continue reading

J-Street comes out against Iran nuclear sanctions

This is a shocker.  J-Street has represented  itself as the reasonable, measured voice of the center left.  They have managed to do so despite revelations regarding their George Soros funding sources and an… Continue reading