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UW Sephardic studies chair condemns Israel, rips Zionism

UW Sephardic studies chair hops on anti-Israel bandwagon.

About Face: Pro-Salaita UW Professor Changes Tune After Seeing Anti-Israel Prof in Action

UW Professor Stephen M. Schwartz counted himself among anti-Israel professor Steve Salaita’s supporters… until he saw him speak. “Israelis have greatly endangered the future of Israel by electing a Netanyahu led coalition of… Continue reading

Producer Of New Film Speaks With TMR On The State Of The Jewish Nation

BODY AND SOUL: THE STATE OF THE JEWISH NATION TO HAVE SEATTLE PREMIERE The headlines and photographs are hard to digest, Jews murdered in their prayer shawls, swastikas unashamedly held aloft in downtown… Continue reading

Despite Opposition, Pro-Israel Film Premieres in Seattle To Large Crowd

Amidst a flurry of excitement and controversy rarely seen surrounding a pro-Israel film, The J Street Challenge had its Seattle premiere this past Wednesday evening at Congregation Ezra Bessaroth. While plans to screen the film,… Continue reading

Anti-Israel Curriculum Being Peddled To Puget Sound Schools

Your child is sitting in his High School classroom, the instructor explains that this week they will be focusing on the conflict between Israel and Palestine. Soon your child will be told that… Continue reading

Video & Photos: Take a walk on the lame side.

THE MIKE REPORT ATTENDS A PRO-HAMAS MARCH ON BROADWAY IN SEATTLE. When anti-Israel city councilmember Kshama Sawant prodded the citizens of our fair city to attend a pots and pans banging anti-Israel march on… Continue reading

Anti-Semitism in Seattle

Alison Weir of the anti-Semitic organization “If Americans Knew” speaks at University Methodist Church. The Mike Report contributor Randy Kessler was there and reports on what he saw. ANTI-SEMITISM IN SEATTLE. By Randy… Continue reading

The arrogant racism of anti-Israel fanatics

Spend enough time with anti-Israel extremists, I am not talking about mere critics of Israel but the full time “Israel is an Apartheid State” crazies, and the racism and bigotry will eventually bubble… Continue reading

Anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism

It is a common refrain among those who perseverate on Israel as the most evil, cruel and diabolical force on planet earth that being opposed to Zionism is not anti-Semitism. Yet no matter… Continue reading

Stephen Hawking’s Anti-Israel Prejudice Explained

Arousing the ire of Israel lovers and ecstasy among those dedicated to her destruction, Stephen Hawking announced his participation in an academic boycott of the Jewish State last week. One of the premiere Israel bloggers, Elder… Continue reading

Anti Zionist card game provides hours of fun for kids

For the Jewish parent searching for a fun way to educate your children about our religious leaders while at the same time inculcating them with a hatred of Israel and Zionism, your prayers have… Continue reading


Jewish BDS (Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions movement) front organizations like Jewish Voice for Peace relentlessly pound away at the soft defenses of the Liberal Zionist community, demanding forums in Progressive and Liberal synagogues… Continue reading

Anti Israel Propaganda Video…Exposed.

  The Mike Report sees it as an imperative that every supporter of Israel familiarize themselves with the BDS (Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions) movement. BDS is a multi-pronged strategy utilizing multiple movements and… Continue reading


“Israel cannot build any state before the return of Jesus” – Rabbi Yisroel David Weiss of Neturai Karta. The online news outlet for Hezbollah in Lebanon is reporting that while on a visit with Sheikh Nabil… Continue reading