The arrogant racism of anti-Israel fanatics


Spend enough time with anti-Israel extremists, I am not talking about mere critics of Israel but the full time
“Israel is an Apartheid State” crazies, and the racism and bigotry will eventually bubble to the surface. The most fascinating aspect of the racist anti-Zionist is that they are so infused with self righteousness that they are keenly unaware of the depths to which they have sunk. Just last week I was a participant in what should have been a civil online discussion with an anti-Israel activist, within a few seconds the word “F**cking Jew” was being tweeted my way.

The blogosphere is still reeling from anti-Zionist Richard Silverstein’s race infused diatribe against Pro-Israel advocate Chloe Valdery. Dumisani Washington had a similarly disturbing experience when lecturing on Rev. Martin Luther King’s admiration of the Jewish State. In an article in the Daily Caller, Washington shares…

In recent weeks, I spent time on several Northern California college campuses, leading discussions about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Our first visits were fascinating but not newsworthy, as opposing viewpoints were discussed in an appropriate and respectful manner. Unfortunately, our last stop couldn’t be characterized that way. After I gave a presentation discussing Dr. King’s staunch support for Israel, several participants were outraged: 

“Dr. King would be ashamed of what you’ve just done here. How can you as a black man defend Israel?”

“Israel is racist. They treat Africans horribly! How can you defend it!?”

And, my personal favorite: “Are you being paid by Zionist organizations?!”

The questions I was asked, and my inquisitors’ demeaning tone, was intended not to spark discussion but to criticize me for being an independent-thinking black man.

Increasingly, the attitude within the far-left, anti-Zionist camp is rife with arrogance and presumptuousness. And these traits are of course key ingredients in race bias and bigotry – few things are of greater offense to the racist than a person of color not knowing his or her place. The moment an African-American articulates an argument that does not reflect the accepted (read: white-approved) position, racist attacks and demonization ensue.

Read the entire article at The Daily Caller.

Watch Dumisani Washington’s lecture on “Dr. King’s pro-Israel Legacy, and Israel’s Multiethnic Society” below

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