Monthly Archive: September, 2013

Why was Rachel Corrie’s father on the cover of the JTNews?

On September 25th of 2003 Craig Corrie appeared with Yasser Arafat where he opined on the brutality of the Jewish state, In January of 2011 he appeared on the infamous Mavi Marmara in Turkey, together… Continue reading

Where was the rest of the picture?

On March 2nd of 2012 the JTNews, Seattle’s Jewish community owned newspaper, published the most infamous cover photo in the history of the journal. For the first time in memory a photo representing… Continue reading

Crazy Stuff Linda Frank Says

Readers of The Mike Report are familiar with Linda Frank, the fun loving anti-Israel radical who visited Hamas run Gaza in 2009 and accuses Israel of using snipers to murder Palestinian children. Objections… Continue reading

Palestinian Maan News Agency suffers from bout of truthiness

The Palestinian Ma’an News Agency is well known for, how shall we put this?…being generous with the truth.  But in an article about Jewish Pilgrims visiting the tomb of Joseph in Shechem this… Continue reading

JTNews ambushes victims of anti-Semitic attack

Seattle thermometers plunged to a frigid 19 degrees on the evening of  January 13th, 2013.  Inside Washington Hall,  a light crowd  assembled in their winter Jackets for the screening of the opprobrious  Pallywood  documentary “Five… Continue reading

Shock admission by JTNews Editor

Infuriating much of Seattle’s Jewish community, most who are invested in the survival of the Jewish state, the JTNews has offered a splashy cover and attractive coverage to Boycott Israel efforts.   Most recently… Continue reading

Disappearing Palestine or missing truth?

You have probably seen those “Disappearing Palestine” maps on the side of a bus or in an ad or Facebook post somewhere. It may be an effective propaganda tool but it is not… Continue reading

Guest post; My conversation with the JTNews editor

By Rachel Kaplan Sassoon Today I cancelled my subscription to the JTNews. For the past few years and especially over the past few weeks I have become increasingly alarmed by the downward spiral… Continue reading

Red Lion is our Cartoon of the Day

With every passing day the Obama administration manages to take the Syrian diplomatic and foreign policy debacle to new levels of bunglehood. Multiple news organizations are reporting that the Syrian regime has seized on an… Continue reading

Syrian Codfish is our Cartoon of the Day

John Kerry has been on the receiving end of much ridicule after he declared at a press conference today that any attack on Syria would be “unbelievably small”. As a fellow member of… Continue reading

Kerry’s warning is our Cartoon of the Day

At a press conference today Secretary of State John Kerry  demanded dictator Bashar Al Assad give up his chemical weapons stockpiles and then issued the following powerful warning to the Syrian regime (see below).… Continue reading

Local Israel Hater Richard Silverstein

Here in the Pacific Northwest,  Israel is not so much a topic of discussion for some, but rather an obsession. One person for whom this is true is Richard Silverstein. Seattle resident, Richard… Continue reading

New Year, New Love: Two Lone Soldiers Find Love on their Path to Enlistment

A lovely little story from the IDFBlog to begin the New Year. Corporal Rebecca Neufeld from Melbourne, Australia, and Second Lieutenant Adam Labaton from Manchester, U.K., traveled a long way to get to… Continue reading

1st Annual Letter of the Year Award

The Jewish New Year of 5774 is upon us so what better time to bestow The Mike Report 1st Annual Letter of the Year Award to our lucky winner. This special honor is presented to… Continue reading

Shana Tova from The Mike Report

We extend our appreciation to the readers of The Mike Report for their support and responsiveness to the issues in our little blog over this past year. We hope you will join us… Continue reading

When it comes to anti-Semitism many are in a cocoon

The ElderofZiyon blog offers up a timely and thoughtful  analysis of Peter Beinert’s latest article in the New York Review of Books where Beinert promotes increased Jewish community engagement with Palestinian activists.  Sadly, his impulse to minimize hatred… Continue reading