Richard Silverstein, Sheriff of Palestine County


Sheriff Silverstein of Palestine County

Sheriff Silverstein of Palestine County

In addition to his hyper-paranoid prattle about all things Israel, it appears that anti-Israel blogger Richard Silverstein has deputized himself Sheriff of Palestine County.  In three separate incidents this weekend  the possibly demented Detective went on a wacky law enforcement spree,

As reported on israellycool this past Friday, Silverstein relentlessly badgered Gazan activist Sally Idwedar for criticizing the Hamas terror organization.  In the bizarre, lengthy twitter exchange, Silverstein excoriated Idwedar for daring to place any blame for Gaza’s misery upon the hardworking public servants of Hamas instead of upon Israel (or even Fatah). At one point it seemed that Sheriff Silverstein was trying to tip-off his Hamas deputies about a possible traitor in their midst, tweeting “A supposed Gazan who won’t criticize Israel. Hmmm.” and “You’re not critical of Israel but fiercely critical of Hamas. Hmm.”

TweetThat same day while on his regular Twitter patrol the cranky Cop interrogated StandWithUs Shaliach Hen Mazzig .   Hen recently wrote an article for the Times of Israel exposing the dark underbelly of Israel hatred in the Pacific Northwest. Detective Dick wanted answers! “At which events & on which dates did u meet professors in Seattle & Portland who made statements u claim? What were their names?” demanded the idiotic Investigator. Having no apparent respect for the law, Mazzig responded “who are you? Why should I?”

Until today Sheriff Silverstein was on patrol only within the boundaries of the interwebs. This morning the anti-Israel group Parent’s Circle was making a presentation at a local church and the Patrolman for Palestine wanted to make sure there was no trouble on his beat. *Silverstein got out of his pajamas, trudged up the stairs out of his basement to execute his sting operation.

Silverstein arrived at Skinner Auditorium at Seattle’s Saint Mark’s Episcopal Cathedral with the Parent’s Circle lecture already well in progress.  After scanning the room, the ecumenical Enforcer quickly spotted his quarry.  A young woman  was videotaping the Parent’s Circle lecture.

Disrupting the program in progress, the meddling Marshall rushed up to the woman who was taping the event and demanded of her “who are you with!?”.  All heads in the auditorium spun towards the frantic Silverstein. “She is with Standwithus!” he exclaimed, referring to a local Israel advocacy organization. Silverstein demanded that the woman immediately stop videotaping the lecture, frightening the woman and  bringing the program to a halt.


Clearly annoyed with Silverstein’s dingbattery, one of the presenters, Robi Damelin,  left her seat on the panel and walked towards Silverstein and his videotaping suspect. Silverstein scurried back a few feet as Demelin approached.  Staring directly at Silverstein while addressing the woman taping the event,  Damelin urged her to please continue videotaping.  With that an ashen faced Silverstein slunk out of the room, not to return for the duration of the program.

While Mr. Silverstein  often seems to be hanging  out on the other side of sanity, his latest outbursts and our inexplicable compassion leads us to suggest that it may be time for him to take a long vacation.

Note: The Parent’s Circle-Families Forum  self describes as “a grassroots organization promoting reconciliation as an alternative to hatred and revenge”.  The group brings together Israeli parents whose children lost their lives at the hands of Palestinian terrorists and Palestinian parents whose children died, mostly during violent actions against Israelis. They engage in multiple forums, finance a Summer Camp and  produce films to further their agenda. The group has been criticized  for placing the bulk of the blame for the Arab-Israeli conflict at the hands of Israel. We will write more about that and them in a future post.

* Full disclosure,: we actually have no idea what Silverstein was or wasn’t wearing or if he was or wasn’ t in his basement prior to heading out on patrol.