The Deadly Price of Peace (& Cartoon of the Day)


Like Winter follows Autumn, violence follows the “Peace Process.  In a superb analysis from 2010 and no less relevant today Evelyn Gordon in Commentary noted that “conventional wisdom continues to assert that Israel’s international standing depends on its willingness to advance the “peace process. That invites an obvious question: if so, why has Israel’s reputation fallen so low despite its numerous concessions for peace since 1993?

The answer is unpleasant to contemplate, but the mounting evidence makes it inescapable: Israel’s standing has declined so precipitously not despite Oslo but because of Oslo. In  addition in the 30 months after Oslo  Palestinian terrorists killed more Israelis than they had during the entire preceding decade.”

Israel’s goodwill gesture release of Palestinian terrorists today coincided with the reciprocal gesture of Palestinians  showering rockets on  Southern Israel.  Peace Talks begin tomorrow in  Jerusalem, Israelis better stay awful close to their shelters.