Richard Silverstein’s racially loaded repertoire


Chloe2It takes a lot to surprise those familiar with the odd and erratic rantings of Richard Silverstein, Seattle’s premiere Israel hater. After all this is a man who excoriated a Palestinian woman for being  mildly critical of Hamas and accused his shul secretary of leaking classified Bar Mitzvah information. But Silverstein did manage to raise more than a few eyebrows this past February  when he went on what some called a racist rant against Chloe Simon Valdary, founder of University of New Orleans’ Allies for Israel.  The tirade included referring to Ms. Valdary, who is African American as a “negro Zionist”.

Silverstein has created a safe harbor for racist effrontery. Not only is the use of the word negro as an insult flung about with gleeful abandon, but its despicable cousin the “N word” is also quite welcome on Silverstein’s electronic doorstep. Case in point, Richard’s righteous indignation at the sight of Jewish children being shown some antique Israeli firearms, the classic Uzi to be specific. Richard had to rummage around his archive to find this gem, the photo hearkens from back to at least  February of 2001, probably earlier judging from the clunky 1990’s wristwatch on the kiddo’s arm. While Richard posts the below photo to prove… I am not sure what; photos like these trouble him not a bit.

If you allow your eyes to wander to the comments section below you will see one of Richard’s acolytes posted the most offensive of racial epithets. Please note that Richard has at least for the past 24 hours allowed the N word to remain planted on this Facebook post, displaying none of the contempt towards his Klannish friend that he reserves for Israelis of the Jewish persuasion.


Why would an epithet slinger (like Khaled Khalid) feel so comfortable posting the N word on Silverstein’s Facebook page with no apparent fear of recrimination? Perhaps because of comments like this one made by Silverstein as he mused about a pro-Israel African-American stepping up to challenge Keith Ellison in his run for Congress.

“Couldn’t they have run a nice pliant pro-Israel Negro against Ellison like they did against Cynthia McKinney?”

The “Pro-Israel Negro” to whom Silverstein so despicably refers is the honorable Democratic Congresswoman Denise Majette.  In another article Silverstein  refers to Arab-Israeli journalist  Khaled Abu Toameh as a  “Palestinian House Negro” for the crime of not being as virulently anti-Israel as Silverstein believes he should be.

 “It appears the Palestinian House Negro may be getting a bit too uppity for his right-wing Jewish masters”

When commentator Juan Williams acknowledged a certain unease when flying with visibly religious Muslims, Silverstein again pulls out his favorite epithet, calling him Fox News’ “resident negro liberal”.

It is not just that Silverstein seems too comfortable with racially loaded words like “negro”, which he  hurls as an insult, but the ‘N’ word is no stranger to his website either.  There are too many instances of his admirers using the N word in their comments, for us to document them all here. Nor is Silverstein pristine in this regard, having used the N word in disgusting ways here  and here.

The pleasure and ease with which Silverstein utilizes the language tools of oppression pairs well with the concentrated hatred  he spews every single day towards those with whom he disagrees.

We have no tolerance or patience for racism or racists, this is no great moral achievement but merely the starting point of human decency. That is why we are puzzled that any morally upright organization or journal would provide a person like Silverstein with a platform from which to spread his poison.

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