NIF rushes emergency war grants to fund protests against Israel



The citizens of Israel are now into their second week of a horrific war of rockets inflicted upon them primarily by the Hamas terror group operating out of Gaza. So far over 1350 rockets have been hurled at Israeli population centers, traumatizing children and putting an unfathomable burden on the little country. Tens of thousand of Israeli reservists have been pulled from their families and await possible orders to enter into a dangerous ground war with a ruthless enemy.

There is hopefully some comfort  for Israel in the stalwart support of tried and true organizations  like the Jewish National Fund, the Orthodox Union, Magen David Adom, One Family and the Jewish Federations of North America, all who have set up Emergency Funds to support the beleaguered Jewish state. These special campaigns are providing much needed services like counseling , medical assistance, mobile shelters, toys and foodstuffs.

We are thrilled that our “Stop the Sirens” campaign is being implemented in collaboration with local Jewish Federations-  and other groups. We in North America stand shoulder to shoulder with all Israelis.  – Jewish Federations of North America

One organization, the New Israel Fund  issued an impressively evenhanded press release today to publicize their very own efforts to support and raise the morale of the besieged citizens of Israel. 

Given the military confrontation between Israel and Hamas, which came on the heels of unprecedented incitement and tension between Jewish and Arab Israelis, the New Israel Fund stands ready to fund projects through our Emergency Grant Program

The New Israel Fund (NIF) promotes itself as a younger, hipper pro-Israel organization, and they certainly are trend setters. As part of their own Emergency response to the terror war on Israel, NIF has authorized an expedited grant to “Al Amar to help establish a series of special working groups for young Palestinian-Israeli political activists to help them organise non-violent protests.”

Emergency grants to fund protests against Israel

Emergency grants to fund protests against Israel

What a great morale booster it will be to Israeli families hunkered down in their bomb shelters to hear the heartwarming chants of NIF funded protesters rushed to the scene to decry the Jewish state.

NIF is no less concerned about the stresses this war has  inflicted upon the valiant men and women of the IDF. It will be a source of great comfort for the soldiers to know that NIF has rushed an emergency grant to BDS funded B’Tselem an organization whose sole purpose is to critique and thus hamper Israel’s defensive operations. As a nod to the appreciation Israelis have for B’Tselem’s efforts, NIF has designated funds for extra security  at B’Tselem’s offices. 

While the sentiment of NIF’s efforts to “support Israel” in these difficult times is certainly appreciated, we respectfully suggest that they consider redirecting some of that same type of “support” to Hamas, the IDF would surely appreciate the help.

Excerpt from list of Emergency NIF grantees. Some  NIF recipients are troubling, some innocuous, others seem admirable.

Excerpt from list of Emergency NIF grantees. Some NIF recipients are troubling, some seem innocuous, others admirable and worthwhile.