Israeli wines banned from Jewish Voice for Peace Seder


The Seattle Chapter of the radical Israel hating Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP)  invites you to a very special Passover Seder.  They will be using their own one of a kind Passover Haggadah.  Highlights of the JVP Haggadah include many helpful tips, like a reminder not to confuse Egypt with “Egypt” or Israel with “Israel”.

Don't confuse Egypt with Egypt or Israel with Israel.

Image from JVP Haggadah: “G-d wrestlers?”

You will be especially moved and inspired by the Ten Plagues of the Israeli Occupation (Page 10). With a flair for the original, JVP adds an orange and a bowl of olives to their seder plate. Click on the image to the right to find out what they represent.

Click on image to find out what the orange &  olives on the JVP Seder plate represent.

Click on image to find out what the orange & olives on the JVP Seder plate represent.

The ADL notes that “the introduction to the JVP Haggadah compares Moses’s famous declaration to Pharoah, “Let My People Go!” to the efforts of the Gaza Flotilla to “free” the Palestinian people by breaking Israel’s blockade of Gaza. According to JVP, the third cup of wine, which is traditionally consumed after the meal portion of the Seder, represents the Boycott, Divestment and Sanction  (BDS) of the Jewish state and Seder participants are encouraged to “make a L’Chayim” to BDS.”

“The constant supremacy of the Palestinian cause is also startling. When the text, for example, reaches Yachatz, the breaking of the middle matzah, the text reminds participants to acknowledge the “break that occurred in Palestinian life and culture with the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948″.”

The Seattle  JVP Seder celebration will take place on Tuesday, April 15th from 6:00pm-10:00 pm at the Southeast Seattle Senior Center .

Through the telling of the Exodus, we’ll make connections to present day struggles for liberation, including Israel/Palestine, and consider how we can work toward liberation in our world. You are welcome to invite friends and family members.

If you attend you can expect to enjoy  a scrumptious vegetarian pot-luck 

We will provide ritual foods, but the dinner portion is a vegetarian POTLUCK. Maybe do a quick internet search about what is kosher for Passover (it varies in different traditions, but generally we don’t do a lot of bready things!). We do eat lots of matzah. Please label your dishes with what ingredients are in them.


Extra points for gluten free and/or vegan items.

And here comes the important part…

Bringing a bottle of wine is great BUT we are respecting the Palestinian call for a boycott, so please try to bring wine (or whatever) made in places other than Israel. We will also be updating you about our exciting boycott campaign.



Accessibility: Wheelchair accessible. Near #7 bus. Please be fragrance free.

Hope to see you for a fun and meaningful ritual!

As Jonathan Tobin observes in Commentary magazine “To single out the Jewish state for denial of rights in a way that no other country would be treated is an expression of prejudice. One of the standard tropes of anti-Semites is to try and paint Jews as the mirror image of their oppressors. Calling Israelis Nazis is a commonplace slur, but for Passover, the JVP has made them Egyptians and attempted to transform one of the sacred rites of Judaism into a vicious exercise in Israel-bashing.

In doing so, JVP has demonstrated that it has no place within the organized Jewish community or among the society of decent Americans. Their desire to wage economic war on Israel already places them outside the boundaries of normal political dissent. But their compendium of Passover-themed slurs is an act so despicable that it merits their being shunned the same way we would any other hate group.”

If you wish to attend the Jewish Voice for Peace Seder in Seattle this year, please click HERE.

Actual excerpt from the JVP Haggadah. Next year in Al-Quds? Really?

Actual excerpt from the JVP Haggadah. Next year in Al-Quds? Really?

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