Richard Silverstein serves up a cheap whine


Richard Silverstein posted a pathetic kvetch on his hate-blog today. Seems he is just mystified why local media aren’t clamoring to hear him prattle about his upcoming anti-Israel BDS “event”.

Says Silverstein…

I’ve tried to interest local media outlets in covering the BDS event I’m organizing this Friday night.  So far I’ve failed.  Repeated efforts to reach KUOW’s public affairs programming staff and Dave Ross of KIRO Radio have fallen flat.

Dave Ross

Silverstein goes on to note that 

My failure with the Seattle Times is especially instructive.  I prepared a draft for an op-ed and submitted it.  Today, Sharon Chan, the assistant op-ed editor replied:

“Thank you for the op-ed submission. I’m sorry but we won’t be able to use it. It’s my fault – I didn’t read the initial email note from you closely enough and we don’t run op-eds that specifically call for boycotts. My apologies.”

A Puzzled Silverstein  ponders…

I asked her to point me to the policy so that I could explore it.  She hasn’t replied.

First of all don’t wait by the phone Richard, she’s not calling back. But don’t  trouble yourself too much over it, The Mike Report will explain what’s going on. You see, they probably think you are insane…  And the thing is this, radio stations and print media don’t usually like interviewing insane people. Your race infused Tourette’s like outbursts certainly haven’t helped matters. People who call   African Americans with whom they disagree ” negro” or “Uncle Tom are not going to get many gigs outside of Stormfront or Al Jazeera.


Or perhaps they were put off by your vilifying Gazan activist Sally Idwedar for daring to criticize Hamas. It could be they were creeped out by your harassing a woman for videotaping a public lecture. They might be repulsed by the way you  blame Israel when a Jew is murdered by terrorists.  Or maybe, just maybe they heard about how you accused your synagogue secretary of secretly conspiring to divulge your son’s Bar Mitzvah date.

If I were a betting man, I would say  it was the Bar Mitzvah conspiracy thing that put you over the top, but that’s just an educated guess.

In any case, don’t fret, the usual cast of aging hippies and angry, unemployed radical vegans will still show up to your Israel obsessed extravaganza. Have fun 🙂