Silverstein condemns Israeli intolerance using poll that shows opposite

In light of his propensity towards slinging racist epithets at minorities who dare disagree with him, it seems odd that Seattle’s own Richard Silverstein would try to position himself as a champion of  minority rights. But most of what Silverstein does is odd or twisted or spiteful or stupid. Today we focus on the stupid.

Positing that Israel’s reputation as a safe haven for Palestinian sexual minorities is an elaborate ruse, he consistently minimizes the red hot human rights mess that is the Palestinian Authority. Case in point; this past week Silverstein trotted out the latest Pew poll on world attitudes towards homosexuality. He gloated that in the supposedly Gay tolerant Israeli society,  43% of the citizenry find Homosexuality unacceptable.


While condemning Israel’s attitudes towards sexual minorities;  attitudes that by the way place it right alongside most of the world’s liberal democracies, he blithely ignores the same poll’s designation of the Palestinian Authority as one of the top four most regressive societies when it comes to tolerance of sexual minorities. In fact only 1% (yes 1%) of Palestinians polled considered Homosexuality morally acceptable.  And this is the poll Silverstein uses to take pot shots at Israel?


Just one of the myriad examples of Silverstein’s  myopic  hate filled obsession with Israel and complete disregard for the true human rights challenges this world faces. 



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